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14 Ways To Maintain Your Drainage System And Keep It Blockage Free

Blocked Drains Can Happen At The Least Convenient Times, And Can Be A Nightmare. In addition to posing health risks, the undrained water in the sink (or bath) and flooding can cause air pollution. Through routine check - ups and tweaks, these setbacks can be easily avoided.

Anything from a build - up of debris, grease, tree roots or other small obstructions can lead to drain blockage. Sometimes, your pipework may be obstruction - free but there could be huge clogs in the main lines

There Is No Reason To Ever Allow Your Drains To Become Blocked When A Few Small Practices Can Prevent It

1. Get a plunger and use it - plungers work effectively on minor clogs.

2. A couple of times every week, clear out the drain debris of your bath tub drain by raising the stoppers. Also, remember to wash the stopper before placing it back in the drain.

3. If You And Your Family Shed A Lot Of Hair, Check For A Mesh Barrier To Prevent Hair From Getting Caught In The Drain. You wouldn't let food just fall into the kitchen sink, so in the same manner, keep your hair from going down your bathroom pipes.

4. You should comb your hair before taking a bath to get rid of loose hair and avoid hair clumps in your bath drain.

5. Get grates installed over your drains. Use Bacteriological Drain Cleaners To Clean Your Drains - Stronger Agents May Have A Corrosive Effect On Your Pipes. Avoid Them.

6. Avoid growing a tree or flowers near the pipework of your drainage system to minimise clogging due to root intrusion.

7. You should have an annual contract with a drainage company so they can conduct inspections regularly and help service your drains. A good example of companies that offer such a package is Drainage Edinburgh located in Edinburgh. The drainage system of your home will benefit from maintenance and telling your family about this is a good idea.

8. Avoid chemical cleaners. They are corrosive and will damage your pipes overtime.

9. Do Not Throw Rubbish In Your Drains. Dumping materials into it is a no - no.

10. Especially avoid putting things in the drain such as fat, grease, coffee, gum, food, medications and condoms.

11. Ensure that only water flows down your sink drain and nothing but urine, faeces and water through your toilet drain.

12. You Can Use Your Wire Coat Hanger As A Hook When You Straighten It And Then Pass It Into Your Drain To Remove Debris That Accumulates There.

13. To avoid blockage caused by grease and oils, you should pour hot salted water down your sink.

14. This is not a comprehensive list, as there are many other things you can do to maintain your drainage system. Whatever methods you choose, avoid acidic solutions at all costs!

If you have tried all of the above tips, but are still having problem's with blocked drains or slow drainage, don't try and force the blockage, as this can lead to damages. Rather, make the call for professional help if the issue persists. If you are a resident of Edinburgh, call the technicians at Drainage Edinburgh, to restore your drainage system to pristine conditions.